British Company Incorporation

The United Kingdom Information

The United Kingdom is located in western Europe and is consisted of the Great Britain Island (including England, Scotland and Wales), the northeastern part of Ireland and some small islands. The capital, London, is one of the world's largest international foreign exchange markets and international insurance centers, as well as one of the world's largest financial and trade centers. Its GDP is among the highest in the West, and it is China's second largest trading partner in the European Union.

Advantages of registering a UK company

1. Open a bank account in Hong Kong and the United Kingdom to buy and sell properties in the name of the company;
2. The annual maintenance cost is low; the tax arrangement is convenient; the information is open, and the credibility is high;
3. If you are not operating in the UK, it is legal not to pay taxes;
4. Can be listed in major financial markets around the world and Hong Kong, relying on the "Day of the Empire" reputation;
5. High international legal status, protected by the Commonwealth Government

Basic requirements

1. UK company name requirements: the name must be ended with "limited company", such as LIMITED, CO., LTD; can not be ended with "trust company, bank" or other similar term unless the company obtains the appropriate license in the UK.
2. Registered capital of the British company: the standard fund is 1 million pounds. No need to verify capital.
3. British company directors/shareholders: one or more, may be a legal entity or a natural person of any nationality.
4. Registered address of the British company: the registered address must be in the UK (provided by our company).


1. Provide the English name of the company. The name cannot contain Chinese (our company can check it for free);
2. Sign the registration agreement for the British company registration;
3. Provide a copy of the valid certificate of the director's shareholder (if the shareholder is an enterprise legal person, provide a company certificate and a copy of the business license);
4. Registration is completed in about 10 working days.