Accounting is a kind of economic management activity using currency as the major calculating unit, it checks, calculates and monitors the enterprise’s economic activities in a specialised way. Through procedures such as bookkeeping, calculating and reporting, accounting can comprehensively reflect the financial status and operational results of your enterprises.Professional agency bookkeeping service not only saves costs but also ensures compliance with accounting standards. In addition, such service also helps improve business management and profitability through professional analysis and suggestions made based on relevant information.
The accounting professionals of Hangtung have commendable occupational integrity and prudent account-processing skills. We can design and implement the best service plan which meets the accounting standards through our thorough understanding of client's business, in order to enable client to focus on their core business development as well as save operational costs.
Purpose of Accounting
To provide the accounting messages, such as enterprise’s financial status, operational result and cash flow, etc., to users of financial report, in order to reflect the execution situation of fiduciary responsibility of enterprises management staff and help the users of financial report to make economic decision.
Elements of Accounting
Static Elements: Asset, liabilities and shareholders’equity
Dynamic Elements: Income, expense, profits
Our Services Include:
Bookkeeping Service
Establishment of Accounting Policy
Compilation of Financial Statements
Inventory Management
Cost Control
Establishment of Internal Accounting Checking System
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