Annual Declaration

After registration, enterprise needs to conduct Annual Examination or Annual Announcement to confirm whether it is still operating in accordance with the laws and regulations of the registration place.
Different places of company registration have different requirements on the Annual Examination or Annual Announcement. For foreign enterprise, apart from handling Annual Declaration matters, it also needs to submit other forms (also called “Joint Annual Examination”) to the departments such as State Administration of Foreign Exchange and State Administration of Taxation according to its businesses. Hangtung provides various services such as country and regional Annual Examination or Annual Declaration in order to help our clients to solve the matters in the process of Annual Examination or Annual Declaration. In addition, our professional consulting team provides specific advices on risk aversion for investors based on the operations of enterprises. Our Services Include:
1.Annual Examination for Hong Kong Company
Under the laws of Hong Kong, a Hong Kong company is required to conduct its annual Examination on the anniversary date of incorporation of the company so as to operate legally.
As a Hong Kong-based company, Hangtung fully understands the business environment of Hong Kong and provides annual Examination services with professionalism. In addition to drafting statutory documents for the government, we also prepare resolutions to be proposed at the annual general meeting and board meeting respectively for enterprises in compliance with the laws of Hong Kong. Our professional consultants also perform risk assessment and give specific advices for improvement based on the available financial reports of the company.
Procedures of an Annual Examination
Signing on the annual return file
Conducting the annual Examination
Renewal of the business registration certificate and delivery of the annual return
Coverage of Annual Examination
Delivery of annual return
Renewal of the business registration certificate
Reappointment of authorised secretary
Renewal of the address of registration
Dates for Annual Examination
Within 42 days upon the anniversary of incorporation.
2.Joint Annual Examination for Foreign Investment Enterprise in China
Thanks to the improved investment environment in China, more and more Enterprise choose to establish a foreign investment enterprise in China. The Chinese government requires the related authorities to jointly perform an annual examination on the foreign investment enterprise, so as to ensure that the sustainability of the legal interests of Enterprise.
Benefited from its profound knowledge of the business environment in China, Hangtung provides professional advices on the enterprise’s business operation in the forthcoming year based on its operation status in addition to the provision of the joint annual examination for foreign investment Enterprise in China.
Procedures of the Joint Annual Examination
Providing the required information for annual Examination
Issuing an audit report by the CPA
Conducting the joint annual examination and reporting
Filing with the related authorities to stamp for the annual examination
Transferal of the relevant information
Dates for the Joint Annual Examination
The company is required to conduct the joint annual examination from 1 March up to 30 June every year commencing from the second year following its establishment and once a year thereafter.
Related Authorities for the Joint Annual Examination
Bureau of Foreign Trade & Economic Cooperation
Administration for Industry and Commerce
Financial Bureau
National Tax Bureau
Local Tax Bureau
Bureau of Statistics
Administration of Foreign Exchange
Late Performance of the Joint Annual Examination
An enterprise is subject to a penalty for late performance of the joint annual examination from the related authorities according to laws and regulations. An Enterprise that suffered from serious lateness for the joint annual examination will be compulsorily deregistered.